AppSettings values Usage through Static Class – C#


AppSettings stores strings or other values. It is found in a section of Web.config in an ASP.NET website project. Keeping constants in non-code files allows changes to be made easier. We use this feature in the Web.config file.

It is possible to cache the results from appSettings. This makes the code 30 times faster and allows better code separation and clarity. We will use ASP.NET global variables. Here are the settings in Web.config.

Static classes hold static methods and enforce code correctness. There is a static constructor that sets the properties. When the ASP.NET AppDomain for this site is initialized the properties will be accessed and cached.

public class AppConfig
private static string _moduleTitle;
private static bool? _bundlingActive;
public static string ModuleTitle
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(_moduleTitle))
            _moduleTitle = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ModuleTitle"];
        return _moduleTitle;
public static bool BundlingActive
        if (!_bundlingActive.HasValue)
            _bundlingActive = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["BundlingActive"] == "1";
        return _bundlingActive.Value;

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