Usage of shared services in angularjs application containing mini SPA’s


GitHub Repository:  GitHub Link

For complete understanding, I have drawn a basic sequence diagram for flow:

Angular: Module Service (onboardingapp.candidate.controller.js)
  // Invoke your service layer for this module​ and will contain .success and .error content of each request
Angular: Module Service (
    // This will serve as abstraction layer for underlying implemntation, Just pass URL, Request Type, Parameter Object
    // FYI -> Its time to get our hand dirty on actual http request, so introduce new Get method in WebAPI home controller

Angular: Global Service (appModule.JS)

     // This will contain shared/global service which will be consumed by all modules for executing CRUD operation,
    // Request Type, URL, Parameter Object will be passed to this shared service, so it will make code more maintainable
    // readable and scalable​. If we dont go through this method then we have to use $http.get() or $ method
    // every where in services files of each module, content negotiation issues can be simply handled over here,
    // If you want to append anything with each URL like ‘Http:\\Jobcorp\’ then instead of copy it on every service file
    // just hard-code this thing in this file and append URL from their respective services.
    // We don’t need to mention protocol and host-name now in every URL request.

For further clarification I have mentioned case of second module, how its controller and service will utilize this global service file.

sequence diagram


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