GulpJS: E2E Testing with Protractor


E2E Testing with Protractor

  • Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications
  • It execute tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a real life user.
  • Make sure you have updated version of webdriver-manager otherwise execute below command in cmd before executing gulp task
webdriver-manager update --standalone
  • In protractor.config.js file mention file path to the selenium server jar, path of chrome driver and comment out address of a running selenium server before executing gulp task
seleniumServerJar: './node_modules/protractor/selenium/selenium-server-standalone-2.48.2.jar',
chromeDriver: './node_modules/protractor/selenium/chromedriver.exe',
//seleniumAddress: 'http://localhost:4444/wd/hub',
  • Start webdriver-manager in seperate console before executing gulp task
webdriver-manager start
  • __dirname is global object of NodeJS for the name of the directory that the currently executing script resides in

Pre Install:

    npm install --save-dev gulp


    npm install --save-dev gulp-protractor protractor


    var gulp = require('gulp');
    var protractor = require("gulp-protractor").protractor;

    gulp.task('e2e', function (done) {
        gulp.src(__dirname + './protractor_test/')
            configFile: './protractor.config.js',
            args: ['--baseUrl', '']
        .on('error', function (e) { throw e })


    gulp e2e

2 thoughts on “GulpJS: E2E Testing with Protractor

  1. Syed Rizvi

    Hey Hassan!

    I would really appreciate help on this.

    I am running my tests but the window is never in focus. By this I mean the window is still either minimized or behind my IDE while running tests in mac. I would like to view my tests while running? Any thoughts how can I achieve this?


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