GulpJS: File Version


File Version

  • Use gulp-bump for vesrioning in package.json and bower.json
  • –type=pre will bump the prerelease version ..*-x
  • –type=patch or no flag will bump the patch version ..x
  • –type=minor will bump the minor version .x.
  • –type=major will bump the major version x..
  • –version=1.2.3 will bump to a specific version and ignore other flags
  • for –version=1.2.3 means 1 corresponds to major, 3 corresponds to minor and 3 corresponds to package version

Pre Install:

    npm install --save-dev gulp gulp-load-plugins yargs


    npm install --save-dev gulp-bump


    var gulp = require('gulp');
    var $ = require('gulp-load-plugins')({ lazy: true });
    var args = require('yargs').argv;

    gulp.task('version', function () {
        var type = args.type;
        var version = args.version;
        var options = {};
        if (version) {
            options.version = version;
        } else {
            options.type = type;
        return gulp
            .src([ './package.json', './bower.json' ])


    gulp version --version=2.0.0
    gulp version --type=minor

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