GulpJS: Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma


Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma

  • karma is Test Runner for JavaScript, a tool that allows you to execute JS code in multiple real browsers
  • karma is A Karma plugin. used to generate code coverage.
  • Task singleRun refers to execute tests once, it can fail a build but perfect for continuous integration
  • Task alwaysRun refers to execute tests and stay alive, monitors changes in file and re-run with each change
  • Please make sure karma.config.js file is included in your project before executing gulp task
  • __dirname is global object of NodeJS for the name of the directory that the currently executing script resides in

Pre Install:

    npm install --save-dev gulp


    npm install --save-dev karma phantomjs karma-coverage karma-growl-reporter karma-phantomjs-launcher  karma-firefox-launcher karma-ie-launcher karma-chrome-launcher karma-jasmine jasmine


    var gulp = require('gulp');

    gulp.task('singleRun', function (done) {
        startTests(true, done);

    gulp.task('alwaysRun',  function (done) {
        startTests(false, done);

    function startTests(singleRun, done) {
        var karma = require('karma').server;
        var excludeFiles = [];
        var serverSpecs = 'tests/**/*.spec.js'

            configFile: __dirname + '/karma.config.js',
            exclude: excludeFiles,
            singleRun: !!singleRun
        }, karmaCompleted);

        function karmaCompleted(karmaResult) {
            if (karmaResult === 1) {
                done('karma: tests failed with code ' + karmaResult);
            } else {


    gulp singleRun
    gulp alwaysRun

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