ASP.NET: Send SMS using MVC using Plivo


Sending SMS from ASP.NET MVC application using Plivo service is pretty easy.


Receive Free Incoming SMS

Receive free inbound SMS messages on all Plivo SMS phone numbers in all of our coverage areas.

Personalized Sender ID

Brand your SMS messages by customizing your sender ID using alphanumeric letters characters.

SMS Short Codes

Send thousands of A2P SMS messages (e.g., two-factor authentication, systems alerts) instantly at a default base rate of 40 SMS per second.

Two-way SMS

Send and receive SMS on Plivo phone numbers in 19 countries with Short Codes available in US and Canada.


  • Install Plivo from Nuget package manager or console:
    Install-Package Plivo


    Get Free Trial Account:

    • Fill form at Sign up for free
    • You will receive AUTH_ID, AUTH_TOKEN and Sender Approved Number 


using Plivo.API;
using RestSharp;

public String TestPlivo(SmsModel obj)
     obj.Sender = "Approved_Sender_Number";
     RestAPI plivo = new RestAPI("AUTH_ID", "AUTH_TOKEN");
     IRestResponse<MessageResponse> resp = plivo.send_message(new Dictionary<string, string>()
         { "src", obj.Sender }, // Sender's phone number with country code
         { "dst", obj.Reciever }, // Receiver's phone number wiht country code
         { "text", obj.Message }, // Your SMS text message
         { "url", ""}, // The URL to which with the status of the message is sent
         { "method", "POST"} // Method to invoke the url
      return !string.IsNullOrEmpty(resp.Content) 
             ? resp.Content + resp.Data.message_uuid[0] + resp.Data.api_id 
             : "Failed";



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