Elastic Search: Install and Running Elastic Search v2.4.0 as a Service on Windows OS


Step 1: 

Open Java folder from window explorer and copy file-path

Step 2: 

Set JAVA_HOME environment variable and set value of JAVA file path copied from above step. Follow the step mentioned in below pic to achieve desired result.

Step 3: 

After unzipping downloaded file, Go to path\elasticsearch and then Go to folder Config


Step 4: 

Open elasticsearch.yml, UNCOMMENT and UPDATE cluster.name and node.name with your own values for cluster and node and save the file.

Step 5: 

Open CMD and lead to folder where elastic search has been unzipped and direct to Bin folder, e.g.



Step 6: 

Install Elastic Search using service.bat from Bin folder in CMD

C:\ElasticSearch\bin>service.bat install


Step 7: 

Now configure service using manager command

C:\ElasticSearch\bin>service.bat manager


Step 8: 

Set Startup Type to Automatic then click on Start Button and Press OK button to confirm changes


Service would be registering and activating now:



Optional(If you prefer CMD over GUI):

You may also install, remove, manage or configure the service and potentially start and stop the service, all from the command-line.

c:\ElasticSearch\bin>service.bat command

sample example: service.bat install|remove|start|stop|manager

The commands available are:

install Install Elasticsearch as a service
remove Remove the installed Elasticsearch service (and stop the service if started)
start Start the Elasticsearch service (if installed)
stop Stop the Elasticsearch service (if started)
manager Start a GUI for managing the installed service

Step 9: 

In order to make sure Elastic Search is up and running, Click Start , click in the Start Search box, type services.msc , and then press ENTER.

Step 10: 

Make sure service is up and running by typing http://localhost:9200/ in your browser.



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