ASP.NET: Store Email Template in .NET


Simple and Easy to edit way to store email templates in your .net project is string email body in html file.

Step 1: Create a HTML mail message


Step 1(a): You can introduce as many as variable in HTML template by any character scheme (@PARAMETER@ or #PARAMETER# or $$PARAMETER$$). Replace all names/variables with things like #VaraibleName#
The confirmation number is: <b>#confirmNumber#</b>
Step 2: Right click on web project and select Properties from right click menu


Step 3: Select Resources tab from left, choose Add Resource, select Add Existing File and choose appropriate html file


Step 4: File will be visible in Resources display pan


Step 5: For Server side C# code

You can refer to HTML email template from Properties.Resources.EmailTemplate. You can use it as a string. Replace the #PARAMETER# text with the actual values.

private void SendConfirmationEmail(string email, string confirmNumber)
    var emailBody = Properties.Resources.EmailTemplate.Replace("#confirmNumber#", confirmNumber);
    MailMessage message =
        new MailMessage
            From =
            new MailAddress("Sender Email Address"),
            Subject = "Email Subject Content",
            Body = string.Format(emailBody),
            IsBodyHtml = true
    message.To.Add(new MailAddress(email));
    SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("");

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