Angular2: Import Lodash into Angular2 application using Typescript


Follow below steps to add lodash into your Angular2 app using Typescript 2.0.

Please note I am using Typescript 2.0 and Angular 2.0

Step 1:

Include lodash as the dependencies in package.json file by CMD

> npm install --save lodash

Step 2:

Include lodash typings as the dev dependencies in package.json file by CMD for Typescript otherwise you will get error in Visual Studio/Visual Code that “Cannot find module ‘lodash’

> npm install --save-dev @types/lodash

After above commands your package.json will be updated as below:


Step 3:

As I am using systemJS to load module, so Update the systemjs.config.js file to map lodash. This file provides information to a module loader about where to find application modules, and registers all the necessary packages.

map: {
        'lodash': 'npm:lodash'
packages: {
            lodash: {
                main: 'index.js',
                defaultExtension: 'js'


Step 4:

Import lodash in your angular component.

import * as _ from "lodash";

Please note that If you use import _ from “lodash”, you will receive following error that “Module ‘lodash’ has no default export”:


Step 5:

Use lodash in your code as per need just like below as I am using _.isEqual(a,b) and IntelliSense is working fine:


Cheers. Happy Coding.


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