Angular2: Lazy Loading in Angular2 Error: Cannot find ‘default’ in module


While implementing Lazy Loading in Angular 2, came across this error:

EXCEPTION: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot find ‘default’ in ‘Scripts/app/search-movies/search-movies-main.module’



as stated in official documentation

If we look closer at the loadChildren string, we can see that it maps directly to our crisis-center.module file where we previously built out our Crisis Center feature area. After the path to the file we use a # to denote where our file path ends and to tell the Router the name of our CrisisCenter NgModule. If we look in our crisis-center.module file, we can see it matches name of our exported NgModule class.

Add the exported class name of your module to the loadChildren string after hash(#)

    path: '',
    loadChildren: 'app/search-movies/search-movies-main.module'

change to

    path: '',
    loadChildren: 'app/search-movies/search-movies-main.module#SearchMoviesMainModule'




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