Visual Studio: Keep IIS Express running site after stopping debugger in Visual Studio 2012-2013-2015


In order to keep IIS Express running after stopping debugger, Everyone knows the simple solution which is:

“in the Debug menu > Start without debugging (Ctr + F5)”

Apart from that, I am suggesting couple of other solutions below:

Solution 1:

add “Detach all” shortcut on the toolbar instead of the “stop” button.

Instead of hitting the (X) STOP button, you can use the Detach all menu item in the Debug menu. The major difference is that the stop button will terminate any process that is currently being debugged, while Detach All will disconnect the debugger from the processes, but will not terminate them.

The normal IIS worker process would also be terminated, but since it used to be running as a service, it will also automatically start up again and thus you could continue to use it without having to restart the process through |> Debug or |> Start without debugging.

enter image description here

Solution 2:

Similar to VS 2013, if you disable Edit and Continue IIS Express will continue to run when you stop your debug sessions.

Open the menu item Tools/Options, look for the Debugging/General option. Scroll down and uncheck “Enable Edit and Continue”


Solution 3:

Right click your project > click Properties > select the ‘Web’ tab on the left > uncheck the ‘Enable Edit and Continue’ checkbox.

edit and continue option vs2013




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