Angular2: Speech IMDB using Angular2, Typescript, Web API and ASP.NET MVC


Speech based Search Movie Web App using Angular2, TypeScript, BING API, ASP.NET MVC, Web API & Web Speech API

This web application assist you to search movies and seasons through voice. Just say any keyword from movie and season name and then command by saying term search to look from millions of record rapidly.

Project Website

Project Code


This is the homepage of application and displays latest Hollywood news at the moment. BING API has been used over here to retrieve latest Hollywood news.


Manual Search

Just for the ease, manual search has been provided with parameter likes searching content name, year, content type(movie, series, episode). Please note year and type are optional.


Voice Search

Awesome part starts from here, you may say any thing to search for movie, series and episode. You will also able to see on runtime in message box and console window what keyword your have voiced out to search.





Movie List Page

This page shows list of all movies, series and episode relevant to your search keyword, pagination has been implemented in case of large returned data set along with sorting functionality. Thumbnail associated with each record will help you to quickly pick your content.


Movie Detail Page

This page shows full detail of user selected movie/series/episode. It displays unique url to checkout content’s reviews on IMDB , content’s rating, votes and full fledged poster.



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